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BBV are built with utmost care. BBV are not just buildings of education but a place of worship for students, a place to perform their Karma Yoga. We believe that a place a student spends almost 6 – 8 hours that too where his concentration has to be highest, must be comfortable and conducive to learning. 
Keeping this in mind, all buildings are tried to be kept in compliance with Vastu-shashtr. The surroundings are kept rich in Oxygen by planting Tulsi, Amla, Neem and Peepal around the premises. Inside the premises, well maintained class rooms are filled with positive aura by use of Gou chandan and phenyl. 
Ample space is available for sports facility in Gurukuls with required equipments and coaches. This clubbed with Vedic techniques of Yoga provide students a very healthy environment for physical development as well. 
Apart from this Gurukuls are equipped with following facilities where needed

Library :

 Library being an important part of any educational institution needs to be up to date with current state of affairs. To provide all students with sufficient reference materials and exposure to the happenings around the world, many books and periodicals are available in the library. This large set of books is further augmented with collection of spiritual books comprising of holy voice of BBV.
Medium is not restricted to books alone, in fact it also maintains a collection of Audio –video CDs to aid in learning. Apart from academics, multimedia is available for non academic topics as well like that of Ramayana, Gita, Panchtantra etc. 
Librarian makes sure all students get fair share of all kinds of books and media however students are expected to keep the borrowed media in good condition.

Science Labs:

 Our students gain firsthand experience and gather information regarding laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in well equipped and furnished laboratories. In BBV that extend up to board classes, separate labs are available for each of the science streams. All labs are equipped with instruments needed in sufficient numbers for students to carry practical independently. Also guides and lab assistants keep any eye over security issues that might cause damage of any sorts. 

Computer labs:

 In this age of networking it is hardly an option to not provide computer education to students. To make students competent enough, an array of well maintained Computers is arranged in Gurukuls. Students receive formal teaching in the subject by experienced tutors. And learning never ends, to allow students to be proficient labs are open after school hours for students to stay back and practice under the supervision of lab instructor. Students can also choose from any educational software available in the lab to try their hands upon. Gurukuls however keep a strict check on their usage of internet and have security mechanism in place to prevent students from falling into traps of people with inferior motives. Labs follow the policy of safe usage of technology.

Music room:

 Music is not just an art but a science as well. Every minute particle, present in the universe when vibrates creates music.  On demand of students teachers are appointed for classical and western music.  So efforts are made to impart training in spiritual music which provides internal peace and pleasure. The ragas also helps students to rhyme their Physical and mental activities, eventually enhancing their personality. The students showing interest in music are also given a chance to participate in various competitions of district and national levels..

Yoga and Karate classes

 A mind controls the body and body is the one that feeds the mind. Both are dependent on each other for their development. Exercises are extremely important part of Gurukul Life style. To provide the same, Gurukuls have arrangement for Yoga with appropriate instruments. Students are allowed an hour of exercise only under the supervision of a gym Master. But this is no way regarded as a substitute to Vedic style of physical development. Emphasize is still on Yogasana and Pranayam to build up a strong physique..


 The climate of India is nature’s gift to us, with all six seasons taking turn to beautify the motherland. However sometimes children fall ill due to these weather changes. Sporting is another way for students to have skinned knees and elbows. Keeping this in view, Gurukuls have arrangements for dispensary within the premises. In Gurukul, we make sure that every child is goes through the medical examination at least once a year by a team of competent doctors. However there are few formalities to be fulfilled by parents at the time of admission if student is availing hostel facility. They need to submit the medical reports of the ward with the school authorities at the time of admission.


 School take special care of surroundings of the building. This sometimes translates to the fact that Gurukuls are often located outside the main city. To make up for this, transport facility is provided by School that is managed by them locally. Again security measures are checked not to be compromised at any cost. All vehicles are regularly checked and repaired. Also the staff is well trained in their duties as expected from a responsible school bus driver and conductor. 


Games and Sports :

 The games, sports and physical fitness activities form an integral part of the school curriculum to ensure fullest and manifold development of the child enabling him to attain good physical health, vent of robustness, emotional and psychological stability and social adjustability. Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Swimming,Table-Tennis, Chess, Carom, Gymnastics With a view to promote games and sports the school has facilities for playing Football, Throw ball, Volley-ball, Badminton, Basket-ball, Kho-Kho. Regular periods are allotted to the students for participating in games and sports. Specialised coaching is also available every morning before assembly and after school hours from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for interested and talented students.

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