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 Places of historical and national importance in the country's major industrial centers and students from direct observation Is the achievement of knowledge and emotional values which lie on the conscience of the students, they sit in the classroom Not required. Thus, our country institution students annually - Philosophy / Group - has taken on excursion. Mne seminary at times Hane various festivals are celebrated with great jubilation. 


 Annual Function is celebrated with very joy fully in our school. The parents & other family members of the students are invited respectfully. On this occasion, the parents can witness of looking the apparent elevation of their children through the organized program of school. This is the time, when parents are suggested to be supporter by giving their creative advice for the progress of School besides enjoying the arrangements, activities, thoughts and manners of School .

Science Exhibition :

The school organizes science exhibition every year to expose hidden scientific talents of the students, which they exhibit by making different science models. 

Spiritual :

Regular Satsangs are arranged by the school for the development of ethical values like gratefulness, obedience, self-reliance, good moral character and modesty in children. The children are improved in their memory and physical strength through prayers,  Asanas and Pranayama. 

Events and Competitions :

Events and competitions are held throughout the year to encourage students participation, our school organizes an Annual festival of Inter-school Competition in art, literary and cultural activities. The Annual Day comprise the prize giving function followed by a variety entertainment programme, in which children of both senior and junior wing take part. It is a big and impressive event. Sports Day is another colourful programme enjoyed by the students. Republic Day and Independence Day are national festivals celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm. 

Yoga ‘N’ Meditation :

Yoga and Meditation, the time tested device and priceless gifts from our sages, form an integral part of the school routine for gaining spiritual, emotional and psychological control over the mind. The school routine starts with yogic exercise and ends with meditation.

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